Follow the steps of the setup wizard for the basic required configuration Translate existing content: Quando le traduzioni sono completate appariranno nel vostro sito, pronte per essere pubblicate. Hope you are using the latest version of WPML 3. Integrazione del vostro servizio di traduzione con WPML Unitevi a WPML per aumentare la vostra visibilità di marketing e beneficiare di un processo semplificato per la traduzione di siti web di WordPress. WooCommerce pages were not working correctly after changing the default language Fixed: What do I need to do in my theme?

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When using a default language different than English, the product permalink base was wplm in English. When the option to show only products with custom prices in the secondary currencies was on, no products were displayed Changed the order in which the products are displayed on the WooCommerce Multilingual products editor: Looking for other extensions that are tested and compatible with WPML? Fixed a bug and a corner case in variation synchronization. Il nostro team di sviluppo è proattivo e lavora per garantire il funzionamento fluido del vostro sito. Some product translations were showing non existing discounted prices Fixed a couple of compatibility issues with WooCommerce Wpl Bundles e. When you need help, go to WooCommerce Multilingual support forum.

Fix Sign-up fee recalculation cost in some situations Theme Storefront: Once you installer WooCommerce Multilingual, the built in Installer works together with the WordPress automatic update wpjl in logic to make the updating process as easy as it can be.


Duplicating wpmml using WPML is enough. Removed several warnings and updated deprecated code.

Integrazione del vostro servizio di traduzione con WPML

By wp,l, each currency will be available for all languages, but you can customize this and disable certain currencies on certain languages. My checkout page displays in the same language In order for the checkout and store pages to appear translated, you need to create several WordPress pages and insert the WooCommerce shortcodes into them. Variable products default selection is not copied to translations.

Meta Versione del plugin: When editing product translations it was possible to save an empty slug.


Fix problems when the shop page is at the home page. Potente gestore di traduzioni.


Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito. The stock status was not synchronized correctly for variable products. wpmp


Can I set the prices in the secondary currencies? Il nostro team di supporter lavora 6 giorni alla settimana, 19 ore al giorno in 11 lingue.

WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML

Mai più e-mail o tagliare e copiare il lavoro. Fix amount sent to payment gateway when using multiple currencies.

Rispondiamo subito alle segnalazioni sulla sicurezza. Fix Default option sync when using component option category WooCommerce Subscriptions: WooCommerce Bookings — translations of a booking post were not deleted when the original post was deleted Bug fix: Unitevi a WPML per aumentare la vostra visibilità di marketing e beneficiare di un processo semplificato per la traduzione di siti web di WordPress.


Register shipping methods strings for translation. Also the exchange rate was wrong after re-adding teh currency.


Chiedi nel forum di supporto. Usage Instructions For step by step instructions on setting up a multilingual shop, please go to Wpkl Multilingual Manual page. Fixed one issue with WooCommerce Bookings — adding two separate bookings to wmpl cart showed as one item instead of two Bug fix: Fixed a bug causing fatal error on older PHP versions before 5.

traslation site name – WPML

Ahmed Ibrahim Support Team. Order notes email in wrong language in certain circumstances Bug: Subsequent request to product preview page lead to a page. Variations not showing in the correct language in some circumstances Optimizations for the WooCommerce Multilingual products admin page — faster when wpmml large number of products exist Duplicate translations too when duplicating a WooCommerce product Fixed: In some conditions it was not possible to load product pages in other languages than the default.

Looking for other extensions that are tested and compatible with WPML?

Translated endpoint pages were sometimes returning Bug fix: The meta tag title is automatically taken from the site’s name unless I change page by page I would like the site wmpl English the first language is Italian to be taken from the translated site name. Global resync done only once of the orderings of product attribute values and categories across all languages.


This plugin is tailored for WooCommerce.

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